SCADA, or supervisory control and data acquisition, is a compatible solution for several hardware devices supported by ClearSight. SCADA allows a human-machine interface from remote locations. With the ability to monitor water levels, pressure gauges, control electrical flow, and much more, your productivity and safety will increase significantly.

Through the use of applicable hardware solutions, data relating to job sights is remotely sent via SBD or Satellite connectivity to the operations control center. The data may consist of trends, diagnostic data, and managerial information such as logistical and maintenance information, among other data sets.

The most important feature of SCADA implementation is the ability to receive critical alerts based of parameters set. If any sensor reads information that deviates from set thresholds, an alert system will notify all appropriate contact members via text message and/or email. This immediate alert system sets in place a back up to human monitoring, implementing a second layer of safety and security.

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